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Motor Repair and Rewind

Motor Repair and Rewind

Keep operations going with professional motor repair or rewind!

Wallwin Electric Services Ltd in Barrie, Ontario offers expert motor repair and rewind services

When any type of failure occurs, you can depend on Wallwin Electric Services Ltd's highly qualified, experienced motor repair department to minimize costly down time.

We have the ability to test, repair and redesign the AC and DC motors used in today's industrial applications including specialty motors, nonstandard or U Frame, VFD, explosion proof and multi-speed.

Our in house motor shop employs experienced technicians who are capable of rewinding all types of motors from your small fractional HP up to 500HP. We utilize one of the first automatic coil winding machines backed by the very latest test equipment available on the market.

Wallwin Electric Services Ltd's motor shop is well equipped to handle machine processes, which include turning and undercutting of armatures as well as refurbishing of endbells.

- AC motor rewind and repair
- DC motor rewind and repair
- Generator and transformer repair
- On site vibration analysis programs
- Machine shop service
- Carbon brush sales and services

Call Wallwin Electric Services Ltd now for high quality, efficient and effective motor repair or rewind!

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Last Updated On: October 04, 2016
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