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Electric Pump Repair, Wallwin Electrical Services in Barrie, ON

Wallwin Electrical Services for Pump Repair

If you have a pump problem, we can solve it. Wallwin is your answer for repair and service. All pumps are repaired and tested for volume and pressure on site, or in our fully equipped shop by qualified technicians. Wallwin Electric is an authorized warranty repair shop for most pump and motor manufacturers.

Wallwin is capable of testing sump, sewage, domestic and municipal water systems.

We stock parts and seals for most makes and models of pumps for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
We have over 100 different pump seals in stock.
Heating system pumps are a specialty at Wallwin Electric.
Large stock of coolant pumps for lathes, drill presses, etc.
We have a qualified team of professional people to work in confined space applications, with yearly training and CSA approved equipment that is tested before each service call.
Our technicians have up to date WHMIS training, Fall Arrest training and First Aid training.
Wallwin Electric has a full time health & safety representative on site and a field health & safety representative. They are certified members of the Construction Health & Safety Association.

Wallwin Integrated Systems division for phones, data and security in Barrie

Data, telephone systems and security from Wallwin in Barrie

Our Integrated Systems Division allows us to provide our customers with the opportunity to combine electrical with voice and data requirements, without having to find a separate contractor. With an on staff RCDD we are your best choice for structured cabling design and installation, computer hardware and software requirements, telephone systems, security systems and audio sound system projects.

Wallwin Electric Services Ltd in Barrie, ON. Full service electrical contractors

Call on Wallwin Electric Services Ltd when looking for Electrical Contractors in Barrie, Ontario

Wallwin Electrical offers complete commercial, industrial, and residential electrical contracting services. Having 5 full time estimators on staff, we specialize in design build projects, including all lighting and power distribution layout and design. We employ extremely competent automation control specialists backed by an experienced staff of field support technicians. We can meet your control needs from design to programming and commissioning.

In the field of Design Build, Wallwin Electric offers service from the most basic general lighting and power distribution up to and including full "turnkey" process automation control.

Wallwin Electric Services prides itself on providing a quality product at a reasonable cost. Many items come into play when designing your project:

Local codes, restrictions
Reliability of products being installed
Performance and efficiency of products
Ease of operation
Availability to expand at future dates
Wallwin works closely with our customers, manufacturers and engineer firms to provide the most and best product for your dollar. Our years of experience would be a benefit to your project.

Wallwin specializes in electric motor and pump repair, and are Barrie's Solar Energy specialist

Commercial Electrical Contractors in Barrie, Ontario

Depend on Wallwin Electric Services Ltd when in need of Commercial Electrical Contractors in Barrie

Wallwin Electric has over 60 years of experience in all aspects of the electrical industry from basic store renovations, to complete hospital addition/renovation projects in Barrie and area. Our staff of 5 full-time estimators, project managers, site foreman and field technicians take pride in their workmanship while meeting project deadlines. We stand behind our warranties and any issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

Contact Wallwin Electric if you need a commercial electrician or electrical contractor in Barrie and area

Wallwin Electrical Services for residential electical work in Barrie

Contact Wallwin Electric Services Ltd, Barrie, when seeking Electrical Contractors

Wallwin Electric's residential division specializes in custom homes and condominiums where quality workmanship is of paramount importance to both the builders and the homeowners.

Wallwin Electric can provide, install and service a wide range of both decorative and energy saving lighting products and solutions.

In the current times of rapidly changing technology, your home is not only your residence. Many homes now function as a place of business as well. Our experts can show you how to customize your home to meet the technological demands of office requirements without sacrificing any of the comfort or visual appearance of your home.

Let the Wallwin Electrical Services staff help you design and plan your new home, or renovate your existing one, to meet both current and future needs.

Wallwin Electrical Services for Industrial Electrical Work in Barrie, Ontario

Industrial Electrical Services in Barrie is an Industrial Electrical worker

Wallwin Electrical employs extremely competent automation control specialists backed by an experienced staff of industrial construction electricians and field support technicians. Wallwin Electric services all industries and any electrical needs. Wallwin Electric offers both prescheduled preventative maintenance programs and emergency service work to assist in maintaining the integrity of your production to required capacity. We specialize in "Turnkey Packages". Wallwin has 30 years of Programmable Control System utilization, application, and installation. We utilize the most advanced control equipment and associated networks available. Combining your ideas and special needs with our technical expertise, we will either create or upgrade your process line to your specifications. Wallwin Electric is dedicated to keeping you in production. Ask Wallwin Electrical Services to design a system for you!

Wallwin Electrical Services is Barrie's Solar Energy Specialist

Solar Energy from Wallwin Electrical Services in Barrie

Are you tired of increasing hydro costs and the threat of black outs? Reduce your hydro costs by up to 10 to 50 percent and never be without power with a Solar Energy System from Wallwin Electrical . Save money , save energy and generate revenue by selling power back to the grid.

As energy costs soar and our natural resources dwindle, alternative energy sources such as solar energy are reliable ways to promote efficiency and reduce costs.

The building block of any solar electric system is the size of the array panel. Using technology related to semi-conductors, solar cells convert sunlight into usable electricity without noise or pollution. Several arrays comprise a solar electric system or plant.

An inverter converts the DC power to AC power, which then flows from the inverter to the facility to power electrical loads such as lights, machinery, equipment or computers. A solar system can be run as a grid tie system or a full off grid system. A grid tie system uses the grid on a day to day basis. When the power goes out, the system switches to the inverter system which draws power from the backup battery bank. When the power comes back on, the solar panels recharge the battery bank to full. When the battery bank reaches full charge, the excess power feeds back into the grid to offset your utility costs. The size of the solar panel array is in direct relation to the offset of your utility costs. Regardless of weather conditions or time of day, all electrical devices operate normally and continue to receive power as required. Solar solutions provide reliable electricity that increases the energy a facility receives from the traditional sources such as the local utility. Typically supplying 10% to 50% of a conventional facility's electrical load, it merges and compliments existing electrical and mechanical systems.

Wallwin Electrical for Electrical Services in Barrie

Emergency and Routine Electrical service in Barrie by Wallwin Electrical Services

Wallwin's professional service electricians offer over 100 years of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

We have a large fleet of well stocked service vehicles and a 45' bucket truck for your parking lot lights and sign repair requirements.

Wallwin Electric are Approved Contractors with the Electrical Safety Authority, which means prompt electrical connections after service changes or power outages.

We offer 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service. (705) 726-1859
We do all home repair and renovations such as switches, plugs (receptacles), lights (pots, track, pendant), chandeliers, alumni wiring, knob & tube.
We can solve your power outages whether residential or commercial.
We offer prompt electrical connections after fire restoration.

We also offer the following services:

Residential service upgrades
Hot tub and spa electrical installation
Trade show electrical requirements
Machine trouble shooting
Lamp and ballast installation
Sign Repair
Exterior lot lighting installation and repair
All our electricians have current Electrical Commercial/Industrial Licensing and up to date Safety code knowledge and training.

We have a qualified team of professional people to work in confined space, with yearly training and CSA approved equipment that is tested before each service call.

Our electricians have up to date WHMIS Training, Fall Arrest Training, First Aid and Lift Training.

We have a full time Health & Safety Representative on site and a field Health & Safety Representative. They are Certified Member of Construction Health & Safety Association.

We invite you to call our service department to schedule an appointment.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Debit and Cash.

Electric Motor sales and service from Wallwin Electrical Services in Barrie

Wallwin Electrical Services, Barrie, for electric motor sales and service

If you require pumps, motors or electrical supplies, come and see our friendly sales counter staff. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have to help you find the right product or material to meet your needs.

We are an authorized warranty repair shop for most motor manufacturers including Leeson, WEG, Baldor, Franklin, Brook, Century, Magnetec, Universal, US Electric Motors, Brook Hansen & A.O. Smith.
Motor and pump failures can have a significant impact on your operation. When any type of failure occurs, you can depend on Wallwin Electric's highly qualified, experienced motor repair department to minimize costly down time.

We have the ability to test, repair and redesign the AC and DC motors used in today's industrial applications including specialty motors, non-standard or U Frame, VFD, explosion proof and multi-speed.

Our in house motor shop employs experienced technicians who are capable of rewinding all types of motors from your small fractional HP up to 500HP. We utilize one of the first automatic coil winding machines backed by the very latest test equipment available on the market.

Wallwin's motor shop is well equipped to handle machine processes, which include turning and undercutting of armatures as well as refurbishing of endbells.

AC Motor Rewind / Repair
DC Motor Rewind / Repair
Generator and Transformer Repair
On site vibration analysis programs
Machine Shop service
Carbon brush Sales and Services
We stock a large supply of magnet wire and insulating supplies on site to ensure each customer a fast turn around and a quality job.

Wallwin is a member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA).

Industrial Automation, Wallwin Electrical Services in Barrie, Ontario

Wallwin Electrical Services, Barrie, is an Industrial Automation Specialist

Wallwin Electric Services automation team can get you up and running faster with the availability of more experienced staff. With vast knowledge and highly skilled electricians and programmers on staff, we can deliver wide-ranging automation solutions.

A sample of our services and support ranging from:

On site support and troubleshooting
PLC Programming and troubleshooting
Safety and PSR Upgrades
Frequency Drive Controls and Upgrades
Motion Controls
Vision systems
Energy Savings
Wireless Communications



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